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AoE2ScenarioParser documentation

This is the documentation page for the AoE2ScenarioParser project.
Which is used for editing parts of an aoe2scenario file from Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition outside the in-game editor.

On this documentation page you can find examples and explanations about certain aspects of the library.

In the menu on the left, you can find, among other things:

  1. How to install & set up the parser (Installation)
  2. How to read your first scenario (Getting Started)
  3. How to make different changes to get you going (Hello World)

In the top menu you can find other sections of this documentation page.

  1. Cheatsheets: This is the most important tab. Cheatsheets are pages about a certain topic with a lot of examples and possibilities. Their goal is to give you some insight in what you can achieve with the topics (shown on the left when on that tab)
  2. Examples: This page has some short & simple examples for you to see how the parser works. The list will (eventually) be expanded upon
  3. Community: Here you can find community made guides, tools and projects. If you've created a project, please showcase it in the discord server and it might be added to the list!